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Asia Consultancy Group (ACG) is a privately-held international telecommunications service company engaged in facilitating the development of a 21st Century digital highway for Afghanistan. Our aim is to provide premier telecommunication consultancy services, microwave network augmentation and construction, cell tower co-locational leasing services, and cost efficient value-added services to Telecommunication and ISP services providers, NGO and Governmental entities and private sector clients. We are the first and, as of June 2008, the only licensed telecommunications support company authorized by the Afghan Ministry of Communications to offer these services to the GSM Service Providers and other licensed-telecommunications companies in Afghanistan. We expect to expand these same offerings to the Central Asian countries over time as our infrastructural base expands from Afghanistan. From the inital design to continues network optimizations, ACG is proud of its abilities in offering full Network Life-Cycle Services. We go beyond the call of being merely consultants. Rather, we are directly engaged in support infrastructure requirements of our clients by offering: * Network Lifecycle Services * Design and Planning * Buildout * Operation & Maintenance * Tower Leasing * Site Development * IT Solutions & Services ACG USA Contact Address: 790 Station Street Suite 3000 Herndon Virginia, 20170 USA Telephone: +1.571.203.0867 Fax: +1.571.203.9864 http://www.acgtelasia.com http://acgtelasia.dyndns.org/web Keyword: Asia Consultancy Group, Asia Consulting Group, ACG